Great interview! Love RFK Jr's sense of humor, too. He does ask certain questions that no one else raises. Good to have both of you great lawyers working for what's good and right! Thank you for all you do.

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I listened yesterday, truly appreciated the interview/exchange, and would love to interview you on Post-Woke one day.

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Former FBI director Comey was also on the board of HSBC

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Great work on exposing the banksters and their fictional reserve ponzi scheme .

I can answer your question "why now" it because RFK Jr has been discredited in his part maintaining the covid narrative ( psyop) and naturally will be used to cover the banking red light district .

Do you not think its odd his popping up right now after people have questioned his not telling people the truth= ie not telling people there are no " viruses" and there is no " covid" (that covid was a psyop) he was maintaining the narrative covid and germ theory .They would want their controlled opposition player RFK Jr on the banks as that was what the Kennedy crime family was known, popular and used for. It gets him back credibility hes lost, now he is wormed in and associated with your work exposing the banksters , which is genuine.

JFK was in truth and should be known as the Vietnam warmonger and CIA's Cuban infestation . JFK was a charismatic media celeb puppet, a mind control propagandist tool, like all bankster appointed Presidents of their corporations.

"It’s a bit odd, I thought, his request for an interview, in that I released the video onto YouTube over five years ago.

RFK jr is a controlled opposition player .

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Wow great piece! Gives an "up periscope" look at an example of how the Mr Global apparatus gets their conspiracies done. We can see all the pieces moving in the same direction but it's rare we actually get to see the "wind" that is blowing everything in the same direction... Thank you for this!

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I watched All The Plenary Men about 10 times. It is absolutely fantastic work,John

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WOW. Thank you, John! Now, off to watch the interview!

So---mafia-like criminals run our government. How long has this been going on? Forever--except that the criminality was kept well under wraps until the '90s or so? We just never saw such overtly bold moves by them till then?

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Thanks John. Big fan of your work.

> RFK Jr.’s stance with respect to vaccines is ... not only rational, it’s public-spirited as well....

With all due respect, I disagree that fighting the SYMPTOMS (vaccines, masks, lockdowns) while giving to ROOT CAUSES (Fake Virus, Fake Disease, Fake Pandemic) a Free Pass, is rational.

The BIG PROBLEM with Bobby, whom I greatly respect and admire for his many years of environmental work, & esp. for helping NY fight Fracking & Pipelines for nearly a decade, whom I consider a friend and colleague, and for his good work exposing the harms of Vaccines, is that he seems to be running a Limited Hangout (Children's Health Defense), w/r/t CoNvid.

Some of the truth is revealed. While much seems to be deliberately covered up. It's so strange.

Despite what some of my good friends say, within the realm of speculation & judgement, I don't judge the man based on what his possible motivations might be.

But CHD is clearly BIASED.

They are biased in the courts, because of the type of cases they are selecting. And they are biased within the editorial pages of Children's health Defense's newsletter/blog, The Defender.

They are getting involved in TRIVIAL BATTLES in court, like swimming in the minutiae of collective bargaining agreements, the quagmire of medical or religious exemptions, instead of working on a general scheme to free everyone. WTF.

Fighting the "Countermeasures" while ignoring Root Causes. Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me. (Actually, NOT)

Give me a freaking break. Tedium OVERLOAD.

And the type of expert witnesses they are calling. Marty Makary!? This bloke is not only a Virus Pusher, he's also pro-vax! What tha...?

But the biggest issue I have is that everyone is listening to the public statements that Bobby and Mary et al are making, and they're thinking "I'm going to give money to CHD because they are going to expose this fraud that has happened to us for the last 2.5 years, and make everything right in the courts".

And John, as an attorney, I know that you know this would involve so-called "impact litigation". These are cases intended to radically change (or restore) the status quo.

This means carefully choosing cases to push the desired agenda, in this case, restoring the pre-CONVID status quo (not just seeking narrow victory for one's clients, the typical operating mode of attorneys).

We actually don't want to alter the status quo. The status quo was altered in 2020, by actors unknown pulling the strings of "The Production", as you call it.

But we can't hope to find the bad actors involved, if we do not mark the boundaries of the crime scene correctly.

We cannot hope to find the proper perpetrators, if we stipulate to a demarcation of the crime scene as defined by said perps.

This is what my good friend Bobby is doing.

"The virus" (or the lack of evidence thereof) is the ULTIMATE KILL SHOT for the entire narrative!

Why would you avoid the ultimate kill shot?

Saving it for a rainy day? Waiting for the right moment for dramatic effect? Maybe we don't want to disturb the courts with an argument that they are not ready to hear. (I actually heard this from someone once, swear to God, not saying from who!)

Let's look at the players beyond Bobby: Aaron Siri, Reiner Fuellmich, Mary Holland, Tom Renz, ... These are some of the top attorneys on the planet!

These folks know how to do a finding a fact! So what's with this giant blind spot that they all have?

Every freaking one of these people, whom I greatly admire and think that they're super lawyers!!! They are all a class i call, "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots".

Mary Holland, Bobby Kennedy, Aaron Siri, Tom Renz, Reiner Fuellmich... It makes no sense to me.

Why would you stipulate to the crime scene as demarcated by the perp?

In 2.5 years why would you not have found by now the work of Dr Andrew Kaufman; Dr Tom Cowan; Dr Stefan Lanka; Drs Mark and Sam Bailey; Christine Massey, MSc; Dr Kevin Corbett, Mike Stone, Eric F. Coppolino, Jon Rappoport, Dr Eleni Papadopoulos-Eleopolis!!! (This is not a complete list, but many of the core people from #TeamNoVirus)

Why have these top attorneys UTTERLY FAILED to give these scientists, and medical doctors, and journalists a fair hearing?

It's so bizarre!

I've worked with attorneys!

I know how they think.

I know how they operate.

Reminds me of the short story by Orson Scott Card, called "Unaccompanied Sonata". Where the young musical prodigy set up with the perfect instrument, and the perfect life of performing his original music, as long as it remained uncorrupted... Who got busted for listening to Bach, because the elders noticed he was avoiding natural fugues.

Children's Health Defense (CHD), Informed Action Consent Network (ICAN), and the German Corona Investigative Committee (Corona Ausschuss) are all OBVIOUSLY "avoiding fugues".

I don't know what is the nature of the bias, John. But I'm telling you there is a bias there.

Push the virus, fight the vaccines.

That's like fighting the belly fat, while giving the double meat XL supreme pizzas a free pass.

You know what Bobby could do to redeem himself? Feature 👉Christine Massey👈 from Ontario on his program, and as an expert witness in court, and within the journalistic and editorial pages of The Defender.

Over 200 Institutions have respond to Christine's FOI requests from 40 nations. NOBODY HAS THE FxxKING VIRUS.


Corman Drosten team didn't have the virus when they made their PCR.

Moderna didn't have the virus when they made their vaccine.

CDC didn't have the virus when they made their vaccines.


👉 No virus?

🛑 No Disease.

👉 No Disease?

🛑 No Pandemic.

👉 No Pandemic?

🛑 No need for any of the Countermeasures.

The ultimate kill shot.

Why does Bobby ignore Christine Massey? How can Reiner Fuellmich ignore Christine Massey? She had Physical Evidence. She has built this record herself! How can Bigtree/ICAN/The Highwire ignore Christine?

FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, they seem to be pushing a swindle: the LIE if SARS-CoV-2.

I don't know the source of this bias, John.

But I'm going to expose it.

Bobby is a friend, but this is extremely important.

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The bottom of the rabbit hole is the dual seed line in Genesis chapters 3,4 &5, and especially that Jesus is the Messiah Son of God. These are the foundation of all truths to build your life upon The Rock. The sons of satan rule this realm. Money and the pursuit/love of it, is their # 1 tool. As we can all see it works rather well. Don't fall into their trap, love life and your creator, not money.

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RFK Jr, his website, Catherine Austin Fitts and others are having a conference in Knoxville in late October. New book coming for Kennedy and he's showing a doc about Fauci. Check out the info. Would be great if John Titus appears. Support the alternative truth tellers.


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Sep 15, 2022·edited Sep 15, 2022

John, I just finished listening to the interview on the RFK podcast, I have a few questions:

1) Does, or how does, the queen's death tie into this?

2) Biden is sending boatloads of our money to the Ukraine, how do his and Hunters criminal actions tie into what you're saying about these central banks?

3) Does this play a role too - 'The Revolutionarys' ("These" United States, not The United States, Inc. of DC) still owe EU banks (the same debt King George also backed to hedge his bets) $6-$18 million from their loan in 1789 (the original amount borrowed to establish the 13 states that has never been paid off)? Does this fact have anything to do with these global central banks who appear to be forging out to collect on those debts? (I'm sure other countries have debt with these banksters too hence a global collapse). In other words, are these banks essentially calling/collecting on those debts while at the same time setting up their NWO/global cartel as the form of governance to be applied after they collect?

4) Being that 'These United States' (the 48 "Constitutional States" not under the "Legislative Democracy" of DC) are under different jurisdiction than the separate nation of Washington DC, is there anything that We the People can and should be doing, or doing differently, that the "United States, Inc." cannot or will not do? And, do we, of These United States, have access to any type of legal course against these banks and criminals that The United States, Inc. doesn't have or will not do?

I hope this makes sense. I'm not expert on any of this, I just see some connections and think that just maybe we, being a separate entity which is not a Democracy but a Republic, that we can do.

Thanks so much John for all of the fine work you've done to bring awareness and clarity to this wicked criminal nightmare we've all been forced into.

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I personally hold that the days of shooting presidents and AG's are behind us, as I don't think the establishment anticipated how much unwanted scrutiny the JFK murder (as well as RFK and MLK, but especially JFK), brought on. Decades of scrutiny! For someone at the level of Seth Rich, sure, but for higher level folks, when the time comes, it will be something other than an assassin's bullet.

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John. Is there a way we could discuss the tentacles of HSBC when the attorney that represented a woman that was destroyed by HSBC by a wrongful foreclosure and then that same attorney representing another family is now home less after once again a wrongful foreclosure by the same cast of characters while an eight year and counting domestic terror campaign is lodged against innocent currently home less citizens?

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Nice one, JT! So, in a game where the penalty for standing up to the “mafiacracy” is death or dismemberment or an entire range of other beastly tortures followed by death, what can “we the people do” to set things right?

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A “Rules Based International Order” sound bite. The “RBIO” aka NWO.

Martin Herem Estonian Defense Forces Chief used the exact language like the letter AG Holder received that Titus spoke about in the RFK interview. “Rules Based International Order.”



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My take,

Since (((their))) money isn’t worth anything. Neither are (((their))) indoctrination systems of debt, bondage and enslavement with (((their))) financed false ideologies. Now, (((they’re))) systematically tearing down (((their))) own system of fiat economic system of control to institute (((their)) new CBDC system of social credit score, bondage and enslavement. Where YOU & what’s inside you is (((their))) new CBDC. Not debt. Credit score and rating. Health. The new “internet of things” is (((their))) new GMO patented version of YOU.

The STATE is a CORPORATION. Instituting WEF / UN Globalization Technocratic Tyrannical Lawless Policy’s and Satanic CBDC Transhumance monetary system of Total Complete Full Spectrum World Domination & Surveillance Control. All done by Design all done by Agenda. One which consisted enslaving humanity in massive CONTRACT CONSENT FRAUD tying humanity to (((their))) fiat system of Canon UCC of Statutory “Law” which uses the cover of a functioning “Government” when in reality it’s a CORPORATION. Gold and Silver equate Common Natural Law under the eyes of God. Not blood money fiat tied to (((their))) fraudulent criminal & civil Justice CORPORATE systems. All based on Federal Reserve / IMF “Law.”

(((Their))) “Global Order Rules” is the Central Banking cabal NWO Globalist overlords Hq in London just making (((their))) CBDC official through HSBC to its Banking Agent AG in place at the time Holder.

Each previous Bankruptcy & subsequent receivership of the UNITED STATES, CORP INC. into IMF hands has bought humanity to this Epic moment in time.

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