They protected banksters and they go after protesters, that says it all. It seems the alphabet agencies are all looking at protecting the very people they should be prosecuting. Justice in reverse.

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Great point. Actually, now that I think back, the banks and the cops got together and cracked down on the Occupy protesters in late 2011, no? The revelations about the DOJ wouldn't come for another year.

But you're exactly right either way: that says it all.

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Bingo. History is repeating itself.

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Unchecked sovereign-molochs exponentially plundering.

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Alphabet agencies openly have meetings to get advice from their regulated partners, eg CFTC, FDA.

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Agreed, they all use the same playbook.

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-New York Times September 28, 2016

‘I Am Aladdin’

Over the last 10 years, Mr. Fink has transformed BlackRock from a bond shop catering to pension funds and insurance companies into an asset-gathering machine that uses advanced technology to reimagine how investors buy, sell and assess the risks of a wide variety of securities. Via its $1 trillion-plus in exchange-traded funds, BlackRock has been instrumental in creating newly liquid markets in high-yield and corporate bonds — a direct attack on the business model of banks like Deutsche Bank.

And through its big data-mining risk platform, Aladdin, or Asset Liability and Debt and Derivatives Investment Network, BlackRock says it has developed the market’s most highly evolved framework for stress-testing how securities will respond to certain situations — such as a sudden rise in interest rates or what happens in the event of a political surprise, like Donald J. Trump being elected president.

Staffed by 2,300 of BlackRock’s 13,000 employees, Aladdin promises to help firms trade, analyze and keep a compliant eye on the assets they manage. In an era of severe regulatory scrutiny, the service has become quite popular. Seventy-five firms — including Deutsche Bank’s asset management unit and Freddie Mac — managing a total of $10 trillion, now use it.

Fink’s Upward Trajectory

In over two decades at BlackRock, Laurence D. Fink has watched the firm grow to manage $5 trillion.

1983Laurence D. Fink presides over one of the first collateralized mortgage obligation deals on Wall Street — a $1 billion offering by Freddie Mac.

1986Mr. Fink loses $100 million in a mortgage bet gone bad.

1988Mr. Fink and seven other executives start an investment group focused on buying bonds under the umbrella of the private equity firm Blackstone.

1992The firm adopts the name BlackRock and oversees $17 billion.

1994General Electric contracts BlackRock’s Aladdin risk platform to wind down the brokerage firm Kidder, Peabody & Company.

1999BlackRock goes public with $165 billion in assets under management.

2003Mr. Fink, a New York Stock Exchange board member, is embroiled in a dispute over the pay of Richard A. Grasso, the exchange’s chief.

2006BlackRock acquires Merrill Lynch’s investment management division, gaining a large equity business. Assets under management are $1.1 trillion.

2007Mr. Fink is nearly named chief executive of Merrill Lynch.

2009Treasury hires BlackRock to analyze toxic securities.

BlackRock acquires Barclays Global Investors and its exchange-traded funds. BlackRock manages E.T.F.s with $495 billion of the E.T.F. market’s overall $777 billion. BlackRock’s total assets under management swell to $3.3 trillion.

2013BlackRock’s E.T.F.s reach $752 billion. The overall E.T.F. market is $1.6 trillion. BlackRock’s total assets under management are $4 trillion.

2016In August, BlackRock stock hits a new high. Its E.T.F.s are worth $1.1 trillion, while the overall E.T.F. market grows to $2.3 trillion. BlackRock’s total assets under management reach $5 trillion.


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And BlackRock now uses it's portfolio to control nearly every corporation to behave as it wishes. Talk about insider trading? ESG as a weapon will bring the economy to it's knees and we know who will pick up the pieces. It won't be average Joe.

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Sep 27, 2022·edited Sep 27, 2022

Or Henry?

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I’m thankful a gutsy, young attorney somewhere in the USA is willing to take this head on. And I’m thankful for the army of attorneys who stand with this person. Finally, I’m thankful for journalists who are willing to risk it all to bring out the truth. Enough of this other bullshit -- we need action-takers (like you John) to act as the catalyst.

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Excellent. Thank you John!

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Oct 8, 2022·edited Oct 8, 2022

John, the last statement you made in your new video, opening the issue of sovereignty and American history, is prompting me to offer historical context as to why the DOJ has not investigated Wall Street bankers. In essence, they have NO duty to do so. They actually have the duty to aid those bankers to move their Agenda.

I’m the creator of the informational website Remedeemer.org that offers true American history (based on documented evidence, which is provided) that has been withheld from people, as the context of my presentation of exactly how the American people can choose to participate or not participate with and be harmed by central-bankers. The history (a simple read) is presented as two links found on my site's sidebar. The posts on my site present the history of the central bankers / Wall Street bankers as you label them, who have intentionally identified themselves as the “Federal Reserve” so the American people would think they are an American governmental agency. Those bankers actually just operate global Commerce. They otherwise have no involvement with the American republican form of government established by our four founding laws.

I offer that the DOJ functions within the “Federal Reserve System”, based in the District of Columbia. The Banking Act amended the Federal Reserve Act, creating the Federal Reserve System, which is literally a commerce-based Trust established in 1935 with the help of FRD after the Federal Reserve bankers’ 1913 20-year charter was renewed in 1933. We American people –- each one of us being sovereign in the societal sense (and naturally sovereign under our Creator’s sovereignty) –- can choose or not choose to pledge our energy to the use of the creators of that Trust, who are foreign self-proclaimed rulers of all people on earth. Once people enter that Trust association as grantors of their energy, they become the beneficiaries of the evil agenda. The DOJ is just an enabler, as are all members of the American Bar Association (wherein lots of good people are forced to belong).

The currency that circulates in the bankers’ Trust is not ‘created out of thin air’. The currency (human energy as the Trust’s corpus) is literally created into existence by the human participants themselves whenever someone contracts via a banking instrument, even a paycheck. The American people were/are the intended third-party beneficiaries of the parent contract –- Federal Reserve Act –- entered into by and between the Congress and foreign banking families; the Congress had the power to do so based on the Commerce Clause of the federal Constitution. But per Section 16 of that Act, the Congress left singular American people the ability to not endorse the banker’s agenda and currency of account (that is passed around amongst the players in that Trust), but to instead demand to handle our national money of exchange –- United States Notes –- which money is backed by domestic silver and gold in the ground of the several states in our Union.

People who choose to move their energy (encompassing all societal interests) in Commerce are expected to know what they’re doing, which pertains to the label “sophisticated” players that you have pointed out, John. In Commerce – and I don’t mean international Trade between sovereign Peoples – everyone is on his own. The fraud that has been committed by Wall Street bankers began when they disguised themselves as a federal entity. Those bankers are the human-energy collection agents for the globalists who have intended to Conquer the American people. Your presentment “Murder of a Rebel Nation” is valid in so far as it describes participants/beneficiaries in the bankers’ Trust rebelling about their treatment. I offer that your talent could be of greater benefit to people if you would present the bankers’ and their globalist handlers’ actions as The Intended Conquer of a Sovereign Nation.

I welcome interaction with you. My contact information is posted on that website, in the introduction.

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Bankers run everything. The media is clearly a massive propaganda outlet that controls the narrative. I don't see how regular Americans can beat this back. The vast majority of Americans don't know about the corruption and coups that have taken place. They don't know about John Titus. They don't follow alternative media. I think we're doomed.

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If cash is legal tender how can a business refuse to accept cash? I live in OR and there are definitely small businesses here that refuse cash. I’m thinking specifically of my local waffle spot which recently adopted a “no cash” policy.

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At what point do Americans realize that the Federal Government is a waste of time. What value do they add long term to our lives?

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More! More! More! Great videos, hope you are doing well.

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Props to you for your fine attention to detail and legal expertise! I offer you another, simpler explaination of fractional reserve banking at about 14:00- 15:10 :


All wrapped up in a nice 3-1/2 hour documentary. One of the simplest truths I cannot refute came from Thomas Edison (2:09:00- 2:09:45)

"If our nation can issue a dolar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good, makes the bill good, also. The difference between the bond and the bill is the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20% , where as the currency pays nobody but those who contribute DIRECTLY in some useful way.

It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30 million in bonds and not $30 million in currency. Both are promised to pay, but one promise fattens the usurer and the other helps the people."

Edison's math couldn't envision the addition cost of complicated financial products of today, such as morgage backed securities or consolidated debt options. Throughout history, global banking interests have always usurped the peoples will. We have set up a giant toll booth economy where wealth extraction is called "production" and our children's futrure is not even a consideration.

I am guessing how you are, John, sorry to see 3-1/2 hours of your life gone (or more, I had to stop and rewind, research, ruminate!!) Keep up the great work, raising awareness is always the beginning.

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John, your amazing!!!

Have a question for you about https://usdebtclock.org

When you arrive there, move your eyes over to the extreme right column of the page, notice the "Dollar to Silver Ratio Now" & the "Dollar to Gold Ratio Now" and the separate boxes on each comparing current prices with that from 1913.

They don't make any sense. And the last time I checked at the end of 2022, they were both many multiples higher.

In the case of the current gold spot price of $1,928 and change, it makes no sense. The Federal Gov.'s number is $872, not even half of the undervalued spot.

So, is this a mistake, or is it telling us something of what's going on behind the scenes?? My trust in our government is zero, so I think this fish smells rancid.

I’ve asked a lot of my pundits in economics and finance. No one has any idea of why?

Any thoughts?

Thank you John.

Robbie Kutch, Denver

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Titus is a rare treat for us hungry for the truth. Truly some of the Best Evidence on the net!

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Stay free. Complete Digital integration is non human. Thank you.

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Hi John. You need to get onto Twitter asap. Pharmageddon's well covered but we need someone to talk sense about CBDCs and what the COVID narrative is really about.

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Hello John, I just joined your Substack. Apologies for being off-topic: would you consider making a "All the Plenarys Men" type expose for the FTX scandal? That would be amazing. So surprised to see Sam Bankman-Fried and his partners in crime have yet to be arrested and are on the loose. Just a thought. Also mentioned your fine work in one of my own exposes where I also outline the nefarious actions of Mark Carney: EXPOSÉ: Canadian Residents & Businesses are about to be Carbon-Taxed into Oblivion, https://fournier.substack.com/p/expose-canadian-residents-and-businesses

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