Thank you for the amazing quality of writing - the Santa Anita horse name had me laughing out loud.

I think the insanity of what has been happening in Ohio is on the board. With the MSM barely blinking on a million pounds of poison released into the air and water of a large swath of the US, along with cops arresting the only national reporter on the scene... along with the beyond-bizarre "coincidence" of the train derailment and toxic airborne release occurring in the very same town in which a movie, White Noise, released just six months ago was filmed - portraying a train derailment and toxic airborne release - well, even this jaded 20-year conspiracy buff is reeling.

It occurs to me we might actually be looking at a DNF

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Whoa!!! Can you hit me up with a link or two on that movie?

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Thank you.

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You are welcome. For accuracy's sake, I gather from other less conspiratorial sites that the filming of the movie was "within 20 miles of E. Palestine (specifically) at a couple of different universities around Canton, Ohio, and in Perry Township Ohio, where the train actually travelled through (on fire) about 20 minutes before it derailed," and that some of the movie extras live in E. Palestine, so were evacuated last week. Nevertheless, bizarre, ridiculous, and most of all tragic.

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Wow. Close enough. The poisonous gas plume killed several chickens in Lima, OH, which is 75 miles away.


This whole story is horrifying.

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And where’s FEMA??? Now if it happened in New Orleans…

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I think it’s on Netflix

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Geomagnetic Pole Reversal resulting in Global Cataclysm. How did they miss this one? Hopefully JT is on the list for an underground survival city.

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Globalists create Global Crises to justify Global Governance!

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Hi John great article I live in the UK and they have already started. Confiscating my money it’s called my gas and electricity bill’s

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John, one horse you left out of the field is.....Alien Invasion. I give this a "show"

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Lmao. Can you imagine... Orson Welles rides again.

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Globalists create Global Crises to justify Global Governance

There’s no greater “Global Crisis” than an alien invasion!

Get ready for Patriot Act II on steroids!

Watch the Democrats & Globalists do some creative mental gymnastics to fabricate a collusion between “America First MAGA Patriots” and E.T. to justify their vote-by-mail and ballot box and ballot harvesting election fraud and rigging and stealing.


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Just saw your appearance with Mario (maneco64).

"Spread your nuts around like a squirrel" might be the single best piece of investment advice in clown world!

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I’m going with a Win-Place-And Show bet. #8 cause it’s easy to hide the perpetrators, #30 bc the DHS hasn’t pulled off a really good terrorist attack in a while and they don’t want to get rusty plus why waste The Patriot Act, and #21 bc most people don’t keep a Geiger counter in the garage so it’s perfect fear porn to lock people in their homes for a year until the “Radioactivity” levels drop. That way they can’t get to the banks to withdraw money. The government can just have Amazon deliver cricket snacks to the masses for nutrition.

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Feb 14, 2023·edited Feb 14, 2023

Follow the money.

Yes and no.

The convid certainly transferred wealth as do the govts and perpetual wars funded by the banksters.

That is one of the purposes of the central banking system,debt creation=wealth, but control is the #1 role of the economic monopoly( aka the worlds biggest fictional reserve ponzi scheme).

Its fictional reserve and self regulating system. It matters not if say the corporation of America(govt)was bankrupt in 1933 . When you pull money from your ass like the Rockefeller-Rothschilds banksters there is no such thing as an economic downturn.

Inflation is another lie what it really is is them making up a fake crisis, raising their usury interest rates, contracting govt spending on public and having their traders and multinationals synchronize rapid price increases.

"Insolvency" for banksters is not a problem they dont care as no one oversees or regulates them.

The convid psyop was based on fear and belief and the agenda works the same way on people believing the nonsense or strengthening it. We had (pre convid) what should have been a mini recession but that never happened as they had the corp media say otherwise . The power of thought and thats why they own the media and govts.

The best way to get through the magicians illusions is to not be distracted by fear , this is what their mind programming uses. Covid was just a thought (it was just humanity in the grip of fear) that wasn't real but was believed and spread and resulted in action manifestation.

The " Apocalypse" is a biblical term that is misused. Nowdays it is used to engender fear. Would you really be afraid of an illusion crumbling?

The old system is crumbling what do we want in its place?

Do we want this fear death or can we shift to love life?

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"The best way to get through the magicians illusions is to not be distracted by fear"

Hear hear.

I took photo inside a Chicago red line el train at 6:59 pm on St. Patrick's Day in 2020. I was the only person on that car, which shoulda been packed at that hour. It was depressing to see a whole city cowed like that.

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Item 6 on WEF's short term hit list: Large Scale Environmental Damage Incidents. Like Ohio, you mean?

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John Titus,

Thanks so much for, again, going there.

I look forward to that day in the future when the macro- and monetary-economic textbooks get re-written to observe/explain the oxymoronic $Trillion plus increase in the money base to M1 [PRIVATE bank deposits] , at the same time, exactly, as the increase in Public Borrowing.

GIVEN, that the only Constitutionally-authorized purpose for the issuance of any ANY Certificates of Public Indebtedness(Bills, Bonds, Notes) is to pay for already-authorized PUBLIC SPENDING, sounds like we got a barn-burner on the horizon, if Congress EVER gets its head of its "Immigration/Abortion" ass.

Also, totally looking forward to today's events here.

Then, on this.

• "historically, when countries go past the tipping point (interest payment bigger than revenue), they try to inflate their way out of the problem by printing money, which in our debt-based monetary system only makes things worse;"

Sounds like you're saying that you can't get out of a debt-hole by digging deeper. Gee !

First, have you read "When Debt Money Goes Broke" a little paper by ...... (escapes me) ?

Going broke is there defined as the day the Treasury's TGA has a zero balance to pay that day's interest due on the debt already out there, and the consequence is a nation consumed by what 'that' author described as 'cascading cross-defaults' - at the Uber-BANK level.

Now, on the making of the interest payments due ...... the Fed purchased Bonds on the open market from banks licensed to 'market' there, paying with what I call "central-bank issued inter-bank settlement media".

So now the Fed is (??) receiving payments from the TGA. For what?

As an in-kind policy stance, the Fed merely STEALS those balances and uses them pays interest on its own CB-issued reserve balances (mostly to the biggest bankers on this Planet) . The Interest on Reserves (IOR) Policy allows the Fed to dip into the taxpayer's pockets to make payments maximized at the short-term debt rate - now like 5 percent I think.

Given the outstanding reserve amount (3+ TRILLION) , that seems like $150 Billion annually.

An amazing revolving door, monetarily speaking.

The TSY borrows from taxpayers to make debt payments(and other) and then pays that tax money to the Fed, who, in turn pays it to the banks - rather than remitting to Treasury - and guess who must now re-borrow that same money from Guess whom?


On the solution to this conundrum, may I suggest - the public issuance of debt-free money that must remain permanently in circulation, both like Greenbacks. Paying off this outrageous debt upon its maturity, using seigniorage-gain from the money-issuance, rather than taxing those payments from taxpayer incomes .

Thanks so much, John.

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4 screen shots that simply prove to those in the dark that, 1. The Fed is a central bank. 2. The Fed is privately owned. 3. The Fed is not controlled by the U.S. government. 4. The Fed has taken the U.S. for the ride of the millennium


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Love it!!!

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Actually I learned most of it from you!

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Actually all 30 will happen at the same time... many have already begun.

#5 - Election theft in 2024 will finally ENRAGE many and may cause collapse of Govt. authority.

#6 - Already taking place (has caused a boom in the RV industry). Many are moving to rural areas.

#17 - Retail industry in collapse right now.

- not on list -

- Russia will take over Ukraine.

- The EU will turn against US, reorganize into a regional nation under the rule of Germany & France.

- The US reserve currency use drops to 30% causing huge inflation.

- Global regionalism becomes the new way for nations to survive

- Immigrant terror cells will come alive to grind down the US local police power (federal take over)

From Revelation 6

- 1. Global Leader (they do not have this Yet)

- 2. The red horse--war (6:3-4)

- 3. The black horse--famine (6:5-6)

- 4. The pale horse--pestilence (6:7-8)

- 5. Christians will be blamed for chaos.

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The Global Leader has already been named, it’s the savior of free speech, Elon Musk

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Hey Max,

Thanks a bunch for these.

On this - help me out, please.

"The US reserve currency use drops to 30% causing huge inflation."

I have always postulated a drop in the use of the $US "reserve currency" to result in a national economy "deflation", rather than an"inflation". Because, having an effect on our international markets.

I might call that an externally-induced origin for another round of Fisher's Debt-deflation Theory of Great Depressions. Just a notion.

While both changes produce harmful results, a deflation reduces economy-throughput, lowering the GDP per capita, and causing therefrom perhaps a concurrent decline in our average earnings/ standard of living.

While I know that today 'nations' need to ACQUIRE dollar-denominated account balances for resource-economy-transactions, it's also true that, after the transaction, the seller is holding those balances. Seems like those 'circulate' again in international trade markets.

At that point, if excess, the seller's use for those ($US) dollars seem optimized at a purchase of something already for sale in our economy.

And again, I see that 'reserve currency reduction' as having an FX (inter-nation) result, rather than an 'inflationary' result, because inflation is a domestic economic metric. Silly? Perhaps.

Very glad to hear your explanation.

Open-minded to a kick in the ass on this one.



The Money Apprentice

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Thanks for asking. I'm the one whose most likely wrong.

I see two markets for the Dollar. The American and the overseas market. If 70% of the Dollars are overseas and used for FX demand is what holds up its value. Martin Armstrong has said the a rising Dollar is bad. A Dollar loosing its value keeps prices at Walmart low. The US reserve status has growing competition from the BRICS. I think the proxy war with Russia has the potential to speed up the decline of the Dollar. Turning the SWIFT system into a weapon has sent a message that is globally understood. However, Russia has prospered without using SWIFT. This means others will join the BRICS in leaving the Dollar. They represent half of the global population. That puts global trade at a tipping point. In fighting Russia the US has attacked the EU. Their loyalty is now a question. Arab and other oil producing countries are now considering other ways to FX their products. We cannot defeat Russia much less Russia and China. So, our empire is in retreat. Others will slowly leave us for the new growing empire based on a new trading system. This IMO lowers the demand for Dollars. Loss of Demand means those Dollars come home.

IMO the FED has no defense for this outcome. They cannot print their way out of this growing trend. My guess is their solution will be moving to Digital money to control the use of Dollars locally to resist the huge inflationary implications of global currency wars. Bail-ins would be a way to remove Dollars from local circulation to avoid hyper-inflation. I would suspect that hyper-inflation would cause the total collapse of the US empire instead of a shrinkage, something the FED fears.

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Hey Max,

Thanks a bunch for this response

I find no issues with your hypothesis on the nature of the ($US) problem.

And it's results.

"So, our empire is in retreat."

"IMO the FED has no defense for this outcome."

All of that.

But for our side - the nature of the apparent lack of any solution is institutional.

The $US is OUR currency unit, not the Fed's.

In climbing out of this Debt-Saturated, Disparity-laden political-economic conundrum, we need to focus on the new institutions, the new systems and structures.

This is from 1994, Dr. Hyman Minsky's epic and still-pertinent observation:

"" ........... VII. A Modest Proposal

The time has come to open a national inquiry into the structure of the banking and financial system. The radical changes now underway in technology, computing, and communication mean that much of what we now have may be obsolete. The sluggish economy of the past decades, combined with the apparent reluctance of the Federal Reserve to give full employment a chance, can mean that our financing structures are not consistent with the needs of a progressive democracy. "


Over 25 years ago Dr. Minsky went on to call for a National Monetary Commission for the 21st Century. Today we are at the precipice of total monetary-economic-financial ruin BECAUSE we failed to follow Minsky's advice, and have allowed the PRIVATE Fed to continue usurping our Constitutional Right to a Public Money system, and to instead maintain Hamilton's money system of the central-bankers of yore, where money CAN NOT EXIST without one more "debt" being taken ..... by a people already debt-impoverished .

So, replacing their debt-for-money' charade with real money - like here -


- is a Must-Have.

But all of this - while responsive to Minsky's actually-brilliant concerns, still begs the relevant question on the $US and the FX. today.

Again, IMHO, the fall of the $ from the unitary-unit of global trade will be hallmarked by

a reduction in the standard of living of the average American, which NEED NOT translate into even greater disparities - if we focus on that result.

Public Money and Parity Economy.

The movement starts here.


The Money Apprentice

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The UK Pound was the reserve currency until they started WWII. The US cleverly and successfully claimed it at Bretton Woods by basing the Dollar on a fixed Gold value. By 1971 the US decided to abandon their creation. From then on the US has evolved. During WWII German fascism proved to be more financially successful than Russian communism. For most of my life the fascism slowly replaced socialism, communism to the new religion of technocracy. Thats the beast of the future. Along with this power change money is changing too. Technocracy wants depopulation, software automation (ai), and more control. The tool of control is money. At the global level the struggling US empire wants to extend its empire to every nation. That's the New World Order George Bush Sr was talking about.

Wall Street elites who IMO own the FED and the spy agencies are the real power in the US and beyond. If they could destroy break Russia into pieces they would be in a great position to take on their another growing technocracy (China). The irony is they used Nazi Ukrain to have a proxy war with Russia. To weaken Russia. But their number one tool to crush Russia was their own SWIFT financial system. I think they have failed. As a result the US empire is in grave danger of collapse.

The good ideas you are presenting all have a fatal flaw. They require a moral leadership and an educated population to succeed. We have neither. The elite atheists own all the institutions. They will not surrender, stop or give up.

They want control down to our ability to buy and sell. This was predicted over 2000 years ago before the technology existed to achieve this level of power. See Revelation 13:16-18.

We will soon be serfs and slaves living on a stipend. There will be no competitive exchange systems like bitcoin. As long as they have electricity and the internet (phone system) they will control us.

I'm guessing that the IMF or China, India, Iran, Russia, and many other nations will use a Gold/commodity based currency to destroy the debt based Dollar reserve status. We will still buy and sell in Dollars, but global trade will be done with a different system. I suspect nations will join regional (North America, South America, Europe, etc) trading blocks. Ultimately, there will be an evil leader to make them join together.

Revelation 6 describes this last stage.

Sorry, I'm so pessimistic about our future.


About ten years ago I asked a London School of Economics graduate student (from Houston TX) what economic philosophy did they teach? Keynesian, Austrian, etc. Her answer was China's. I was surprised until I learned that China was no longer communist. It has like the US and Europe evolved to technocracy. My favorite site to learn about Technocracy is https://www.technocracy.news/

Lastly, Technocracy is merging with a new anti-Christian religion requiring allegiance

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Max, thanks.

"" The good ideas you are presenting all have a fatal flaw. They require a moral leadership and an educated population to succeed. We have neither. The elite atheists own all the institutions.""

I don't have a clue why 'atheists' have to do with anything in political economy. I avoid religious connections with achieving social justice. It's a loser. As is 'gold' - a metal commodity whose price varies worldwide by a combination of marketing and greed.

No thanks.

But I only disagree on the 'fatality' of what you see as the flaw, on which I do agree.

The lack of both moral leadership AND an educated population.

I agree that IS the situation today after 230 years of ungrounded variations of central banking with PRIVATE debt-based money. But it is neither 'permanent' nor 'fatal'. And we gotta start somewhere. Otherwise, what's the point?

And actually, all quite easily undone.

First, with a Parity-based economy - already the law of the land under FDR ( 7USC: 601, 602 )

Reinstate 100 Percent Parity pricing for all agricultural goods, and the cause for this nation's debt-overhang goes away.


Prosperity Unlimited : The American Way

Second, abolish their privileged debt-based banker's money system so loved by MMTers, and Hamilton. Back to Greenbacks.


Debt-free Public Money Administration(creation and issuance) - "permanent;y circulating as money. Permanently.

It's a centuries old "educational" conundrum we face - no private or public university or college in this country teaches courses on the national monetary system, but they all teach Money & Banking - where capital substitutes for money and becomes our means for economic exchange.

Why is that, Misters Endowment Administrators?

That is all fixable and why our work with the Parity Economy Research Group at the National Organization for Raw Materials (NORM) aims to unlock academia's proliferation on these real-economy mis-understandings.


The Money Apprentice

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This article and video was prescient to the degree of 20/20 foresight.

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Why is the federal reserve provoking a financial crisis was so well done! Hubs and I watched this morning!

We are fans from Solari Money and Markets and have watched quite a few of those presentations as well.

I would like a way to mail a "cash or check" donation to you as CAF campions. Our subscription with Solari is via an annual check.

Thanks for your outstanding work!

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Thank you so much for this. Apologies for the delay in responding. You can send a donation to me at this address:

9600 Falls of Neuse Rd

Ste 138 #241

Raleigh, NC 27615

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The latest FDIC Q42022 QBP is so bad, they changed the format even down to the line shading!

The charts are removed, and the data values are buried in the text with accompanying narratives.



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Thanks for the update. I just thought of checking on this and appreciate you (and others here) already doing it. What a fustercluck.

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New report is out! FHLB Advances 587,434 up 211% y/y

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